2023 IRIS Registry Report Demonstrates the Transformative Power of Curated Real-World Data on Real-World Evidence Generation 


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Verana Health recently released the 2023 Industry Report on its partnership with the American Academy of Ophthalmology (Academy) IRIS® Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight) – one of the largest specialty society clinical data registries in all of medicine and the first comprehensive eye disease clinical registry in the United States. As the Academy’s exclusive data curation and analytics partner, Verana Health directly ingests electronic health records (EHRs), containing massive amounts of real-world data (RWD), into VeraQ®, its population health data engine. Insights are then gleaned by Verana Health’s expert physicians and data scientists – utilizing secure and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) – to help accelerate research and advance treatments in ophthalmic care.

In 2023, the IRIS Registry encompassed 10 years of longitudinal de-identified data on patient demographics, medical and ocular history, clinical examination findings, diagnoses, procedures, and more. The data was amassed from more than 627 million billable visits, over 76 million unique de-identified patients, and more than 18,000 ophthalmologists and other eye care clinicians across the U.S. The Industry Report details patient demographics, total visits by year, ophthalmologist subspecialties, as well as a breakdown of total patients by diagnosis, and the top eye and ocular adnexa CPT codes of 2023.

In addition to ingesting EHR data, Verana Health supports nearly 3,000 ophthalmology practices with Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) reporting to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This enables clinicians who participate in the IRIS Registry to efficiently meet quality benchmarks and obtain necessary payment adjustments from CMS. Direct ingestion provides a greater level of confidence in data accuracy, as well as traceability for technical problem-solving.

The goal of the Industry Report is to provide a high-level overview of patient and clinician-level data contained within the IRIS Registry. Some of the highlights of the report include:

  • A collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration on 2 projects, including the largest of its kind study on intraocular lens use among pediatric patients
  • A partnership with the Foundation Fighting Blindness that provides access to de-identified genomics data for a more holistic view of patients with inherited retinal diseases
  • Summaries of 20+ observational research projects published in 2023 on conditions such as dry eye disease, glaucoma, geographic atrophy and more!

The 2023 Industry Report also gives an in-depth look at Verana Health’s newly launched VeraSite, which is a subscription-based tool that offers study sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) a secure way to utilize IRIS Registry data to quickly identify practice sites with eligible patient populations and accelerate diverse patient recruitment. Information from more than 2,300 ophthalmology practices, encompassing more than 40 million de-identified patients, are available within VeraSite. Using the tool, study sponsors can apply a variety of filters to find the most suitable sites with patients who match study eligibility criteria. With VeraSite, study sponsors and CROs have an opportunity to move beyond relying on well-known academic study sites and expand their reach to community practices, which can help increase diversity and access for clinical trial participants. 

VeraSite map displays practices with cornea subspecialists across the U.S. that have a mix of previous research experience levels. Sponsors who would like to broaden their pool of trial sites, could connect with research-naïve sites, which are indicated by the blue dots; or choose from research experienced sites only, which are indicated by the orange dots.

Every year, Verana Health’s ability to connect sponsors with participants is growing, as is our ability to leverage new RWD insights. In 2024, the launch of two new research-ready quality data (Qdata®) modules will help power exclusive insights into dry eye disease and thyroid eye disease. Through our partnership with the Academy, it’s possible to leverage an enormous volume of both structured and unstructured data and apply AI, such as machine learning and natural language processing, to better understand these diseases.

Verana Health’s carefully curated RWD is helping transform real-world evidence generation and enhance our understanding of ophthalmic care to improve patient outcomes. 

Learn more by requesting a copy of the 2023 IRIS Registry Industry Report here.

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