Unlock the Power of Real-world Data For Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

With our real-world dataset of about


Patients with MS

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5+ years

of longitudinal data


With this data, you can better understand:

  • Treatments and outcomes
  • Natural history of disease
  • Healthcare resource utilization
  • Comparative effectiveness
  • Or even get support for your next clinical trial design

First, a look at the Qdata MS patients:

Beyond demographic data, we can understand their patient journey and disease progression through variables curated from unstructured EHR data.


Curated Key Variables:

veranaAsset 766

MS Subtype

is captured for

66% of patients with MS

veranaAsset 291


is captured for

91% of patients with MS

57% have at least one normal gait status

67% have at least one abnormal gait status

veranaAsset 344

Ambulatory Status

is captured for

44% of patients with MS

veranaAsset 486

Clinical Relapse

is captured for

86% of patients with MS

veranaAsset 510

EDSS Score

is captured for

10% of patients with MS

(with the closest competitor at 3.5%)


Chat with our team to request a data count, see a sample data set or understand how Qdata MS can answer your next research question.