The Verana Research Network (VRN) is an ever-expanding clinical trials site network of active trial locations, affiliated with therapeutic-specific medical registries. The power of de-identified, curated real-world data from these registries helps to streamline the execution of clinical trials. The key is that VRN members are committed to using real-world data to accelerate patient recruitment, increase access to clinical trials, and advance clinical development in the U.S.

About Verana Research Network (VRN)

The VRN is an initiative with our data partners to help advance data-driven clinical research and improve the quality of patient care. These medical society partners span the therapeutic areas of ophthalmology, neurology and urology. The commitment of Verana Health and its partners is to use deep expertise, plus a vast ocean of de-identified, curated real-world data to help accelerate and enhance the success of clinical trials.

The VRN is an invite-only membership for Principal Investigators and Research Staff who are committed to a data-powered approach to executing clinical trials.

Challenges Facing Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are complex. In order to help overcome barriers in executing clinical trials, we are addressing the following leading issues:

Feasibility & Patient Identification

Personnel often face difficulties in accurately identifying potential patients, based on inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Pre-Screening Effort

Extensive time and effort are spent in pre-screening potentially eligible patients.

Screen Failure Rate

Too often, many seemingly appropriate subjects are opted out of the screening process.

Access to Trials

New investigators may have difficulty learning about trials that are a fit for their patients.

The VRN was developed as a no-cost membership to help bring sites together and work collectively to help enhance clinical trials.

How is the VRN Unique?

The VRN is uniquely positioned to help enable research sites to recruit for trials based on Verana Health’s expertise, proven experience and trusted technology.


Membership & Affiliation

  • Guided by industry experts and KOL advisors
  • Membership includes top trial sites and research teams

Results Focused

  • 80 peer-reviewed publications
  • 88,000 patients identified in Verana Trial Connect

Technology-powered Access

  • Verana Trial Connect (VTC) for patient identification
  • VeraSite for discovery of new trial opportunities

Industry Connections

  • 5+ clinical trials utilizing Verana Health to enhance execution
  • 18 Life Sciences Partners

Immediate Benefits of the VRN

Members of the Verana Research Network will receive immediate access to eligible benefits including:

  • Priority in all Verana Health trial activities
  • Increased access to trials
  • Stronger recruitment for trials
  • Access to Verana Health’s trials solutions such as VTC
  • Exclusive VRN content access:
    • Newsletters
    • Meetings
    • Webinars
    • Eligible for Verana Health-led research programs

VRN Proven Success


Verana Health used a data-driven approach to help streamline site selection for a large practice looking to recruit subjects for a clinical trial. The trial focused on a rare chronic pain following laser refractive surgery. This condition has a complex patient journey and no diagnostic code, making recruitment difficult to navigate through standard means. Verana Health helped support the client with both study site selection and patient identification.


A dedicated clinical research coordinator (CRC) was assigned to review patients identified by Verana Trial Connect (VTC) to conduct chart reviews, contact the patients, and schedule appointments.

VTC found >300 patients who were identified as potentially matched to trial criteria.


The CRC found >14 patients potentially eligible after chart review

• Reviews took <30 minutes per chart

• The site ultimately enrolled 10 subjects over the course of the study

The trial site became one of the top enrolling sites in the program

"Our site’s recruitment success can largely be attributed to the VTC patient database. Our ophthalmologists see hundreds of patients daily, therefore this database has allowed us to narrow down potential patients for the trial. Patients are generally very receptive to our invitation to participate in the study and are oftentimes eager to start! The VTC portal has been very easy to navigate and update throughout the course of the trial as well. Overall, we are very happy to be able to utilize the Verana Health database for the study."

~One of the top performing sites

Become a Member of VRN

If your site is interested in pursuing clinical trials, or wishes to enhance its current trials strategy, contact us to learn how to become a VRN member. Together, we can help drive progress in medicine to enhance the quality of care and quality of life for patients.