Data-Driven Site Selection

Improve your clinical trial site selection strategy with Verana Health’s subscription offering. With VeraSite, you can build cohorts and identify sites* in minutes.

Powered by our partnership with the American Academy of Ophthalmology (Academy) IRIS® Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight), you can now access a comprehensive, real-time network of real-world ophthalmology patient populations from participating sites.

*Basic site information will appear, but only de-identified data from sites that have consented to share their practice information will be displayed.


VeraSite Unlocks Exclusive Access To Data

VeraSite is a tool for clinical trial site selection. The new subscription-based platform offers life sciences companies and clinical research organizations (CROs) a fast and secure way to identify participating practices and patient populations matched to study protocols. The data can help guide site selection, ensuring participating sites are strategically selected based on up-to-date patient and site information. VeraSite helps increase visibility into patient populations, compared to traditional approaches to selecting trial sites.

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Powered By Exclusive Data, Only Found Here

    • A network* of practices that are IRIS Registry participants
    • 2,000+ practices
    • 55M+ patients
    • Exclusively accessible through Verana Health

*This network includes community practices and academic medical centers, offering a diverse representation of patients. Only de-identified data from participating practices will be viewable in VeraSite.


Key Details of Potential Study Sites and Participants

    • Data including clinical outcomes and patient history
    • Clinical trial experience down to the indication level
    • Timely picture of potential sites and participants
    • Site experience across 23+ ophthalmology indications

Regularly Refreshed Real-world Data

  • Data refreshed monthly
  • Comprehensive, trusted data at your fingertips
  • Estimates of current potential study participants
  • Identify sites with potential patient cohorts in minutes

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The Power of VeraSite

VeraSite puts powerful real-world data analytics capabilities to work, helping clinical trial sponsors and CROs identify optimal research sites. Users of the tool are able to identify different patient groups according to parameters such as specific diagnoses, patterns of treatment, visual acuity results and intraocular pressure measurements and demographics, as well as site-level information such as clinical trial history. This process takes only minutes.

The data itself is refreshed regularly to deliver accurate patient and practice information with a high-volume of potential study participant cohorts based on inclusion/exclusion criteria. Once the filters are applied, participating practices will appear along with counts of potential patients for the trial at each practice. By having the ability to source this information in minutes, CROs can now quickly respond to proposal requests with estimated practice and patient counts.

VeraSite Purpose

Verana Health and the Academy have a common goal to provide IRIS Registry ophthalmologists and their patients with more opportunities to be involved in clinical research.

Streamlining Patient Recruitment with AI–Driven Site Identification

Finding high-volume sites is key to successful patient recruitment in clinical trials. Our white paper describes how Verana Health leveraged its exclusive data partnership with the Academy, coupled with its expertise in healthcare data and analytics—including AI techniques to extract key criteria from unstructured notes—to facilitate site identification and patient recruitment for a phase 2 clinical trial.


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