200 Patients are Diagnosed with MS Weekly in the US.

Qdata® Can Help Enhance Treatment for Each of Them.

Qdata MS is an exclusive, real-world dataset of 30,000+ patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) with curated variables to help you understand the patient journey using clinical features associated with the diagnosis, treatment and disease course.

About Qdata

Qdata® by Verana Health are research ready, fit-for-purpose data modules designed to confidently drive business insights and inform research outcomes. Qdata spans ophthalmology, neurology, and urology to help unlock quality insights across the entire drug and device development cycle.

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Exclusive Therapeutic Insights

Only found here from the American Academy of Neurology Axon Registry®


Detailed Diagnostic Classification Beyond ICD Codes

Segment by MS subtype and other patient definitions

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Granular Understanding of Disease Activity from Clinical Notes

Use key variables for analysis including EDSS score and relapse


By the Numbers


Total de-identified patients with MS*

+ Years

Average length of follow-up for total patients


Contributing American Academy of Neurology clinicians

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*Defined as 3 or more MS ICD codes on different dates [January 2015 onwards], No ICD Codes for NMOSD, Neurosarcoidosis and/or ADEM prior to or 6 months after the 1st MS ICD code, 1+ clinical note with mention of MS, valid gender and age, 1+ claim record. Data counts for research purposes are dependent on project scope, feasibility and integration status.

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Key Variables in Qdata MS

Curated variables are extracted from EHR data to be utilized based on your research needs.

MS Subtype

EDSS Score


Unstructured Data Enables Deeper Understanding

Verana Health applies clinician-informed algorithms to unstructured EHR data at scale to help extract key information such as MS subtype, EDSS score, relapse information and more.

This can give life sciences companies unprecedented insights into the journey of patients with MS and enable them to study treatments for various MS patient cohorts.


of Medical Data Remains Unstructured


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