Curated, Clinically True Data Modules to Power Research

Quality Data Informing Quality Insights

Qdata® by Verana Health are fit-for-purpose data modules designed to confidently drive business insights and rigorously inform research outcomes.

Qdata spans three therapeutic areas—ophthalmology, neurology, and urology—and reflects deep patient journeys across robust demographics. Qdata helps to unlock quality research insights along the entire drug and medical device development lifecycle, from clinical trial site and patient identification to market tracking.

Qdata for Trusted Clinical Research

Qdata modules are curated data sets ready for research use to inform real-world evidence (RWE). Qdata is powered by Verana Health’s population health data engine, VeraQ®, which contains rich medical specialty data exclusively found here.

Qdata modules are available for analysis via Verana Health analytics services. Select modules are also available via regularly refreshed dashboards and direct data access.

Here is a list of Qdata, which represent a wide-range of indications across Urology, Ophthalmology, and Neurology.

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Qdata for Urology


Qdata for Ophthalmology


Qdata for Neurology

*Verana Health can work with Life Sciences companies to create Qdata modules in ophthalmology, urology, and neurology that are fit for specific research purposes on select diseases.
**Currently in development.

How Qdata Works

Qdata stems from more than seven years of real-world data contributed by more than 20,000 clinicians across ophthalmology, urology, and neurology. The data modules start with structured and unstructured electronic health records (EHRs) from more than 90 million de-identified patients and more than 50 EHR systems. Then, data are harmonized, tokenized, and linked with other sources, such as claims and images in Verana Health’s VeraQ engine.

Finally, the data are curated with a clinician-first approach, complemented by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. The result is Qdata: research ready data to enable observational studies on a multitude of diseases.


Qdata for Drug Lifecycle Management

Qdata is powered by Verana Health’s population health data engine, VeraQ®. Qdata is well-suited to help answer complex research questions that require observational inputs, including those found in clinician notes, which may include critical information such as symptoms, diagnoses, or outcomes. Thanks to VeraQ’s NLP-guided curation coupled with the human touch of clinician-informed context, millions of records with free-form text become meaningful and can be distilled into usable and valuable Qdata variables.

Verana Health’s Qdata Analysis & Research


Clinical Development

Study Design

Site Identification

Trial Recruitment



Patient Journey

Burden of Disease

Epidemiology of Disease



Health Economics & Outcomes

Launch Planning

Pricing & Market Access




Market Share

Market Assessment



Safety Studies

Comparative Effectiveness

Regulatory Commitments


Market Expansion

Label Expansion

Label Modification

Drug Utilization

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