Urology Real-World Data

Quality Urology Real-World Data Only Found Here. EHR Data Curated from the AQUA Registry.

Urology Qdata is a collection of research ready data modules. Electronic health record (EHR) data from the American Urological Association (AUA) Quality (AQUA) Registry that can be linked with other de-identified data sources such as medical and pharmacy claims data to support your needs from clinical trials through to commercialization.

About Urology Qdata®

Verana Health’s Qdata modules for urology real-world data and research can provide insights into diagnosis, progression, and treatment of urological diseases. 

Real-world evidence from urology EHR real-world data is critical to identify larger patient populations for clinical trials, as well as better understand how therapies are performing among patient populations in the real-world. By looking at urologist clinical notes from within an EHR, researchers are able to identify patients based on clinical characteristics or outcomes, beyond what you can glean from medical or pharmacy claims. This curated real-world data can be used to identify patients for active trials or create a cohort to conduct an observational study. Urology Qdata can help life sciences companies better understand treatment patterns and outcomes, healthcare resource utilization or even identify opportunities for label expansion.

Our Urology Qdata modules can provide real-world data for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer and prostate cancer, with other urological conditions currently in development.

Qdata for Urology Research

New research ready urology real-world data modules are continuously in development. Check back for updates.

Qdata Available

Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (NMIBC)

NMIBC real-world data from electronic health records can provide curated variables, including Tumor Grade, T Stage, and Recurrence.

Prostate Cancer

EHR data can supply key variables about prostate cancer to researchers, including PSA Level, Gleason Score, Testosterone Levels, TNM Stage and Castration Resistance.

Qdata in Development

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Erectile Dysfunction

Overactive Bladder (OAB)

Other Urological Conditions

Verana Health can work with Life Sciences companies to create Qdata modules that are fit for specific research purposes on select diseases or therapies.

Data to Meet Your Team’s Needs

Select Qdata modules* are available via:

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*Subject to Qdata module readiness and are dependent on project scope and feasibility

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AQUA Registry: By the Numbers

Verana Health is the exclusive data curation and analytics partner for the American Urological Association AUA Quality Registry (AQUA).


Patient Visits


Unique Patients


Longitudinal Database


Active Clinicians

*Data as of March 2024.

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How Life Sciences Companies Use Urology Real-World Data

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Clinical Development Solutions

Quickly identify study sites and in conjunction with the treating clinician, connect with eligible patients to accelerate your next clinical trial.

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RWE for HEOR & Medical Affairs

Understand patient safety and outcomes to support your commercial, regulatory and payer strategies.

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RWE for Commercialization

Track real-world therapy utilization and outcomes to help guide forecasting, monitor market share and more.

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