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Verana Health’s Qdata®, exclusive disease-specific data modules, can help deliver quality insights to understand patient safety and track outcomes to support commercial, regulatory, and payer strategies for Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Medical Affairs teams.

From understanding the patient journey to tracking treatments and outcomes to conducting a postmarketing study, we help activate real-world data across ophthalmology, urology, and neurology.

Find out how Verana Health can support your team to help meet regulatory requirements and maintain a strong market position.

Using real-world Qdata, Ocular Therapeutix was able to fulfill postmarketing regulatory requirements, which eliminated the need to conduct a 5,000+ subject post-approval rare safety outcomes study.


Verana Health Pre-Approval and Post-Approval Offerings


Postmarketing Safety Studies


Treatment Patterns and Outcomes

Use Qdata, quality real-world data (RWD), to help satisfy regulatory requirements for postmarketing safety data. Qdata is derived from exclusive, speciality electronic health care records (EHRs), so we can help you better identify adverse events that may be difficult to assess in prospective research. We can help you track early usage of your drug or device in the market while monitoring safety events to help meet FDA or other regulatory commitments.

Activate our exclusive Qdata to deeply understand treatment patterns and outcomes of your therapeutic in the real world. Qdata leverages both structured and unstructured EHR data—including physician notes—to provide a deep understanding of symptoms, diagnoses, reasons for treatment changes, side effects, and patient outcomes over time. We can help you track how your therapy is performing within select de-identified patient cohorts to inform business decisions.


Pricing and Market Access Study

Patient Journey and Patient Burden

Leverage comprehensive Qdata to understand where your patients are accessing therapies and how that compares to others in the market. We can help uncover and monitor where and how your therapy is being adopted in the real-world to inform your market access and commercial strategies.

Uncover the patient journey and burden-of-disease by leveraging longitudinal Qdata. Qdata stems from real-world data generated from more than 20,000 healthcare providers and 70 EHRs across Verana’s three registries —and is often linked with claims data to inform real-world evidence (RWE). You can gain quality insights from the breadth and depth of our exclusive datasets in ophthalmology, neurology, and urology—from initial symptoms and diagnosis to treatment switching and long-term patient outcomes.

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Comparative Effectiveness

Leverage Verana Health’s exclusive Qdata to answer your comparative effectiveness research questions. Analysis of Qdata can help deliver insight into which therapies work best for which patients and where the greatest benefits or potential issues may lie across patient cohorts in the real world. We can help you understand how use of your therapy in the market is measuring against other interventions to inform business strategy and decisions.

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Verana Health supports HEOR professionals by delivering real-world evidence. We help you understand treatment patterns and outcomes for your therapy pre-approval or post-approval to inform your reimbursement or patient access strategy.

Verana Health works with Medical Affairs teams to provide a deep understanding of the patient journey, assess treatments and outcomes, as well as help satisfy regulatory requirements. We deliver insights from real-world data, so you can help bridge the gap between research and commercialization.

Verana Health supports data science, analytics and biostatistics teams with customized analyses and our curated, quality Qdata modules to bridge data gaps in your organization.

Verana Health Pre-Approval and Post-Approval Case Studies

Post-Approval Safety

One of Verana Health’s clients leveraged our exclusive, de-identified Qdata to monitor post-approval safety and commercial uptake of a marketed product. The client performed pre-and post-launch studies on drug safety and the demographic characteristics of early patients who received the drug to investigate real-world safety and treatment patterns of patients receiving the drug.

Postmarketing Safety Study

One of Verana Health’s clients sought to leverage Qdata to satisfy their FDA requirements for postmarketing safety data. They turned to our real-world data to provide a picture of their drug’s efficacy and safety, since running a large-scale clinical trial would have been more challenging and costly.

Understanding a Patient Journey

One of Verana Health’s clients wanted to study the association of disease type and clinical outcomes in areas not immediately linked to the site of the disease. Verana Health worked with the company’s researchers to create a full patient journey from multiple de-identified data sources, including Qdata and claims data, gaining key information around patient outcomes, prescription adherence, patient history, and outcomes measures.

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We partner with the American Academy of Ophthalmology and manage its IRIS®Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight) with nearly 16,000 contributing clinicians.



We partner with the American Urological Association and manage its AQUA Registry with 2,200 active clinicians.



We partner with the American Academy of Neurology and manage its Axon Registry® with approximately 1,000 registered clinicians.

Pre-Approval and Post-Approval Insights

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RWD Network

Exclusive real-world data network of more than 20,000 clinicians in ophthalmology, urology, and neurology.

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Clinician-directed and AI-enhanced population health data engine powering an advanced data integrity feedback loop.

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Research-ready, disease-specific data modules to power quality insights for real-world evidence and clinical trial activation.

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Advanced, clinically driven Artificial Intelligence techniques infused throughout the data process across both structured and unstructured data.

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