CB Insights Ranks Verana Health as a Leader in EHR-based Patient Recruitment Market   


Sujay Jadhav, CEO

Verana Health has been named a leader in EHR-based patient recruitment by CB Insights, a provider of marketing intelligence software that enables the world’s most important organizations to make smarter decisions about technology.  

The EHR-based patient recruitment market is known for leveraging electronic health record (EHR) data to amplify the efficiency and effectiveness of identifying eligible patients for clinical trials. CB Insights cited the following reasons for identifying Verana Health as a leader in this market:

  • Precision Through Artificial Intelligence: Verana Health integrates advanced and secure artificial intelligence for precise, near real-time data analysis in clinical research.  
  • Commitment to Data Integrity: Verana Health prioritizes data privacy and integrity when collaborating with medical practices and pharmaceutical companies. 
  • Streamlining Recruitment with Real-World Data (RWD): Verana Health leverages an exclusive RWD network to streamline patient recruitment, enhancing clinical trial efficiency.  

In order to help researchers find the right patients in EHRs, and accelerate patient recruitment, Verana Health has the following clinical trials offerings available:

  • VeraSite – A site selection tool that can help clinical trial sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) identify practices that have specific patient populations that fit their clinical trials and provide insights into the impact of certain inclusion and exclusion criteria on the eligible trial population. Sponsors and CROs are also able to view patient demographics and practice-level details, including research experience and clinician subs-specialty, to help strategically inform trial design and site selection.
  • Verana Trial Connect (VTC) – Provides clinicians and research staff participating in clinical trials with a curated, pre-screened list of their own practice patients that have a high potential for study recruitment. VTC leverages structured and unstructured data to automate the inclusion and exclusion criteria eligibility check, leading to a more streamlined, accurate and efficient pre-screening workflow.
  • Verana Research Network (VRN)  – An ever-expanding research enabled site network affiliated with therapeutic-specific medical registries. The power of de-identified, curated RWD from these registries helps to streamline the execution of clinical trials at these sites. The key is that VRN members are committed to using RWD to accelerate patient recruitment, increase access to clinical trials, and advance clinical development. 

Being recognized as a leader in the EHR-based patient recruitment market underscores our commitment to improve patient outcomes through RWD. In order to transform healthcare through the power of RWD, Verana Health possesses exclusive partnerships with three leading specialty medical societies in ophthalmology, neurology and urology. Through these partnerships, we manage an expansive RWD network of more than 90 million de-identified patients contributed by 20,000 clinicians. Our work exists at the intersection of technology and healthcare, leveraging RWD to drive advancements in healthcare research, and delivering impactful solutions.   

To view the CB Insights EHR-based Patient Recruitment Report, visit: cbinsights.com/company.digisight-technologies

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