DRIVE: Defining Verana Health’s Values for the Next Stage of Company Growth


Sujay Jadhav, CEO of Verana Health

Strong organizations are never static. Organizational values continually change, develop, and evolve. At Verana Health, virtually everything we do is dedicated to accelerating medical innovations and speeding advancements that promote the quality of care and quality of life for patients. Our organization’s core values should reflect this emphasis on customers, outcomes, and quality.

Given the journey that Verana Health has embarked upon, and the growth we have recently experienced—with the launch of VeraQ and Qdata, receiving $150 million in financing, and bringing aboard key leaders—now is the time to re-examine, reorient, and refocus our values. Therefore, we are now introducing the concept of DRIVE.

At Verana Health, We DRIVE. 

Why DRIVE? We are driven to create quality real-world data in ophthalmology, neurology, and urology. We are driven to accelerate quality insights across the drug lifecycle and within medical practices. And, we are driven to advance the quality of care and quality of life for patients.

DRIVE acts as our compass, guiding us as we forge our course through the steep curves and bumpy roads of the business and healthcare landscapes. 

We chose “DRIVE” to symbolize this journey. Every Verana Health employee drives processes, actions, and reactions. We are in control—we set the pace and steer a clear path to the finish line. DRIVE defines our internal purpose and is the galvanizing force that will help ground Verana Health in a shared corporate culture. 


  • Diversity
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity 
  • Voice-of-Customer
  • End-Results


Diversity is a balanced variety of representation from myriad demographics and psychographics—and the resulting inputs, viewpoints, and stances. We leave judgment at the door, embrace our differences, and engage in tough conversations to build consensus.

  • Workplace – A robust range of experiences and viewpoints contribute to a more vibrant culture, encouraging freer flow of creativity.
  • Stakeholders – We become better listeners and offer stronger, more innovative business solutions.
  • Data & Technology – Open-minded approaches drive the quality of our data.


Responsibility is ownership and accountability. We make decisions with confidence, knowing we’ve done due diligence in considering optimal actions and outcomes for our projects, partners, and patients. We accept the consequences of our decisions as our own.

  • Workplace – We learn and grow together, celebrating our victories and learning from our mistakes. 
  • Stakeholders – We are reliable, trustworthy, and decisive. We deliver high quality products and services.
  • Data & Technology – Our accountability is reflected in the quality of data and security of our systems.


Integrity is honesty, trustworthiness, transparency, and the practice of strong moral and ethical principles—especially in the face of adversity. We stand up for what’s right, treat others with respect, and bring our full selves to the mission every day.

  • Workplace – In a culture of mutual respect, we value people as much as profits. 
  • Stakeholders – Our ability to work collaboratively and transparently across teams ensures trustworthy relationships.  
  • Data & Technology – We honor the data and create systems that drive quality assurance.


Voice-of-Customer is a customer-first approach. We are constantly growing by listening to feedback, showing sensitivity, and responding with agility to market and customer needs. We make the customer the hero of their story.

  • Workplace – We are laser-focused on our customers’ success. Their needs are our needs. Our strategy reflects a deep commitment to their goals. 
  • Stakeholders – We are advocates. We engage in consistent and sensitive communication and are responsive and flexible to the needs of different parties.
  • Data & Technology – Customer feedback guides us toward higher-quality insights, products, and services.


End-Results are the final deliverables as well as the impact our work ultimately has on society. We achieve success not only as quantified, but as qualified—by providing meaningful insights on care and therapeutics that help us deliver on a commitment to advance patient outcomes.

  • Workplace – Through our work, each one of us brings positive change to the world—potentially as near as our own friends and families.
  • Stakeholders – Our life sciences partners, providers, and medical societies succeed in their business missions and continue to find enduring value in our services.
  • Data & Technology – Quality of care and quality of life for patients are continuously improved in novel ways.

We chose “DRIVE” to symbolize this journey. Every Verana Health employee drives processes, actions, and reactions. We are in control—we set the pace and steer a clear path to the finish line.

What Drives You?

As we grow, we are keenly aware that how we drive success is just as important as driving the business forward. As I look to the future, I’m driven to make a meaningful impact on healthcare, and DRIVE is the compass to help guide my—and Verana Health’s—journey.

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