Generating Regulatory-Grade Real World Evidence Beyond Oncology


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This summer, Chhaya Shadra, Verana’s Vice President of Product Management for Data and Informatics, participated in a Duke Margolis public workshop on Establishing a High Quality Real-World Data Ecosystem. This meeting focused on some of the challenges present in capturing real-world data at scale, particularly at a quality sufficient to inform medical research and patient care. 

We want to make sure we never lose sight of the clinical context in which our solutions are going to be used.

In a presentation that was touted as “one of the day’s best talks,” Chhaya offered a view into Verana’s unique approach to real-world data curation, governance and quality. Verana’s specialty data platform is designed to connect and curate clinical information from any data source in a given therapeutic area with the ultimate goal of producing high-quality real-world data that is fit-for-purpose across a range of healthcare applications. Notably, Chhaya comments on the importance of measuring and scoring data quality along every step of data processing, from capture through reporting. 

Once we are able to get to the level of being able to score data for quality… all we have to do is compare these scores against thresholds that are set for specific use cases.

To learn more about Verana’s specialty data platform, watch Chhaya’s talk and the follow-up discussion below.

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