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Verana Health generates data-driven insights that inform medical research and clinical care to enable better care for patients. As a company that currently partners with medical associations in ophthalmology and neurology, we have a responsibility to ensure our content is available to those with ophthalmic and neurologic conditions. We recently updated our website to be compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)–standards developed by the World Wide Web Consortium to make the web accessible to people with disabilities– and other accessibility guidelines not defined in WCAG.

Content that is Easy to See and Read

To ensure that any sighted person can easily view our content, the Verana website has a responsive design that adjusts with increased text size, re-sized browser windows, and on mobile phones and tablets without losing information. We have also ensured carousel banners rotate at a readable speed and can be paused. Finally, all pages avoid any flashing graphics that can cause seizures.

Alternate Text

All graphic features on our website are accompanied by readable text, allowing all our web pages to be readable with a screen reader. This ensures 1) all images have alt attributes that connect descriptive text to each image, 2) all links have description title attributes to provide additional text descriptions for each link, and 3) all headings are used properly and in the proper order to help screen readers differentiate between various page sections.

Color Blind-Friendly

Our website is completely accessible to those with various types of color blindness. In alignment with WCAG standards, we tested how our pages appear to those who are color blind and ensured contrast between page elements. See below to view how our home page appears for those with various types of color blindness.

How Verana’s web page appears for individuals with (1) no color blindness, (2) protanopia (red/green color blindness with anomalous red cones), and (3) tritanopia (blue/yellow color blindness with anomalous blue cones).

Large Clickable Areas

Dexterity can be affected by neurologic conditions. All our web pages have been tested to ensure that anyone with dexterity issues can maneuver through the site properly. Our website is mobile and tablet compatible, and we ensured that all clickable elements are large enough for people with limited dexterity to access on mobile phones and tablets. 

With these changes, we aim to make our website accessible to anyone who would like to learn more about our work to accelerate research and enhance patient care. We invite you to explore our website and provide input if there is something you would like to see as we keep striving for greater accessibility.

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