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At Verana Health, our mission is to use data driven insights to empower physicians and life science companies to accelerate research in medicine. Last week we had our inaugural Verana Days, where we came together to focus deeply on our patient impact, opportunities ahead, and share how far we’ve come since our start. Verana Health was formed in 2018 following a partnership between thought-leading medical associations, physicians, and investors. Today, Verana is assembling the largest clinical databases in medicine in an analytics platform that enables physicians and life science companies to leverage real-world clinical data and evidence-based solutions. As a part of these changes, we chose the name Verana Health — a name that is rooted in the mission of our company.

The first word, Verana, contains the Latin adjective Vera (true) and Spanish verb Ver (to see), which ties to our company’s promise to enable our stakeholders– including physicians, researchers, and life science companies– to see truth through real-world data insights. In medicine, evidence generated by research guides the “truth” and drives clinical decision-making and access to new and innovative treatments. Until now, most of what we know about how medicines and devices work has been based on prospective data collection through clinical trials, which often cost millions of dollars and can take years to complete. Time is a luxury that many patients don’t have.

By generating medical evidence using real-world data through our unique access to some of the largest clinical databases in medicine and physician partnerships, we can flip the traditional model of evidence collection on its head and begin to leverage retrospective data and analysis to uncover the truth. We can arrive at medical answers in weeks or months rather than years, and get patients the care they need even faster. In the words of Scott Gottlieb, former FDA Commissioner, “By using RWD and RWE, we may be able to provide patients and providers with important answers much sooner – identifying a broader range of safety signals more quickly, and following up on them much more effectively.”

The second word, Health, is just as important in that it conveys our commitment to patients and improving healthcare. While we are a technology company, patients sit at the heart of our mission and why we exist. The word Health in our name is meant to serve as a constant reminder of that commitment, which underpins the work we do every day.

The data we work with and the technologies we are building have the potential to enable us to uncover new “truths” in medicine and meaningfully accelerate the pace of clinical research. At Verana Health, we truly have the opportunity to reinvent research, and by doing so change patient lives.

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