Verana Health Marks Milestone with 2022 MIPS Submissions for IRIS Registry and Axon Registry


Sujay Jadhav, CEO of Verana Health

Recently, Verana Health achieved a significant milestone which has been several years in the making. In Q1, we submitted data to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) for the 2022 reporting year on behalf of nearly 3,000 participating clinicians in the American Academy of Ophthalmology IRIS Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight) and the American Academy of Neurology Axon Registry. These submissions were powered by the Verana Quality Measures (VQM) Dashboard solution and represent a significant milestone in Verana Health’s history as we curate data from over 90 million de-identified patients, normalizing across more than 50 different electronic health record systems and among multiple therapeutic areas.

MIPS is a program implemented by CMS that incentivizes clinicians to report on performance that should lead to improved quality and value in healthcare. Clinicians can earn a payment adjustment based on their performance in four categories: 

  1. Quality
  2. Promoting Interoperability
  3. Improvement Activities
  4. Cost

On behalf of Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDRs), such as the IRIS Registry and the Axon Registry, Verana Health enables clinicians to report on a range of measures beyond what is required by traditional MIPS reporting. The clinical quality measures (CQMs) and eCQMs available for MIPS reporting include QPP measures (from CMS) and QCDR measures. The quality measures include the following measure types: process, outcome, patient reported outcomes, clinical quality, and performance, which can provide a more comprehensive view of the quality of care provided to patients. The QCDRs also provide the ability to track practice and clinician performance during the reporting period, allowing clinicians to better identify areas for improvement and support more data-driven decisions to enhance their patient care. More meaningful data and insights into quality measure performance have great potential to improve patient care and outcomes. 

“Thanks to Verana Health’s technology and advanced quality measures dashboards, this was the first reporting year that IRIS Registry participants were allowed to select all measures available through the QCDR to submit to CMS. This will help improve the possibilities of increasing their scores and reducing the risk of receiving penalties,” says Flora Lum, MD, vice president of Quality and Data Science at the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

“My process with Verana Health was extremely smooth. I am especially impressed with Verana’s ability to calculate measures via free text/natural language processing,” says Emily J. Swierski, manager of Quality & Analytics at Dent Neurologic Institute. “For many of the measures, we performed extremely well without even having to change documentation workflows because Verana was that good at scrubbing the notes. Overall, I’m glad we chose to work with Verana this year for MIPS submission.”

The significance of Verana Health’s ability to successfully submit clinicians’ MIPS reporting data across these therapeutic areas is significant for the following reasons:

  • Scale: Demonstrates Verana Health’s ability to work with a wide range of practices and EHRs and effectively collect and aggregate data.
  • Trust: The fact that so many practices chose to submit their data to Verana Health for MIPS highlights the trust they have in the company. The willingness to work with Verana Health suggests that the registries and these practices see the value in our services.
  • Quality: The submission of data for MIPS requires a high degree of data quality and accuracy. The fact that Verana Health was able to submit data for such a wide range of practices from two specialties (ophthalmology and neurology) suggests that we have strong technical and curation capabilities.
  • Comparison: By submitting data for such a wide range of practices, Verana Health provides a broader view for providers to compare their own performance within their practice. In the future, Verana Health expects to provide participating practices with the ability to compare their performance against others in their field.

The Verana Health team takes pride in its continued commitment to supporting participating clinicians in meeting their MIPS reporting requirements. We are dedicated to providing innovative technology and data-driven solutions that drive improvements in clinical operations and patient care. By leveraging our advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, we aim to transform real-world data into actionable insights that can be used to improve healthcare quality, enhance value, and accelerate medical research. We are just getting started!

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