Spotlighting Our Engineering Team: The Experts Accelerating Our Data (Sangeeta Narayan)


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We’re shining a spotlight on a few of our Engineering team members at Verana Health. This team of more than 40 bright minds is responsible for the development of sophisticated pipelines and platforms that allow us to ingest and curate a high volume of de-identified healthcare data that can help accelerate research and improve patients’ lives.

In this blog series, we spotlight Sangeeta Narayan.

Q: How would you explain your role?

A: As the head of tech ops, I manage all functions of technology operations, including delivery and validation. My role involves collaborating with senior leadership to create and execute development, and operations strategies that enhance operational efficiency and support our company’s growth. 

Some of the cross-functional teams I collaborate with include application development, product management, and quantitative sciences, to align technology initiatives with business objectives. 

Q: What attracted you to the field of Engineering?

A: Initially, the love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), plus good career prospects, is what attracted me to this field. During middle school, I was on the science team. My first project was building an electronic moisture sensor to conserve water, which involved creating an electronic circuit to indicate whether the soil is wet or dry.

Later, that passion grew to a general admiration for the significant role engineering plays in shaping society and its future. 

Q: What attracted you to Verana Health?

A: Data alone is not enough, as raw data is difficult to understand and act upon. A lack of systematic data management leads to data becoming highly noisy, and insights based on incorrect and incomplete data tend to be faulty. At Verana Health, we clean, curate, de-identify and perform ongoing quality controls on data collected from diverse sources to provide insights that help lead to strategic and informed decisions. Verana Health’s mission to elevate quality in real-world data, and the challenges and rewards that come with quality assurance and validation of the process, are what attracted me to Verana Health.

Q: What inspires you to do this work?

A: What inspires me to this work is the opportunity to bring Verana Health’s mission to life by driving product quality and technology into everything we deliver, and to help accelerate the growth of our business.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

A: The most rewarding part of my job is achieving cost optimization in technology spend and delivering quality software to our customers. This involves detecting waste, automating governance, tracking, and reducing cloud and software validation cost.

Q: What advancements do you see in your field in the next 5 years?

A: I foresee digital health technology driving earlier diagnoses and interventions, improving outcomes, and supporting more engaged patients.

In her free time, Sangeeta enjoys walking and playing with her Shepherd-Hound mix, Blossom (Pictured at a dog park in Toronto, while on a family vacation).

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