Verana Health Enters its Next Growth Phase with Sujay Jadhav as CEO


David W. Parke II, MD

I have had the honor of being part of Verana Health since the beginning, both as a co-founder and as the CEO of its first medical society partner, American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). Since 2018, Verana Health has been on the fast-track to transform healthcare by using clinical data in its purest form—point-of-care, electronic health record (EHR) data—to improve patient care, inform medical science, and help speed clinical research. Anchored in ophthalmology, neurology, and urology through partnerships with three leading medical societies, the company has experienced tremendous momentum  and is well-positioned to continue down this path.

Building on Success

As Verana Health gears up for its next stage of growth, expansion, and product development, I am proud to share that a proven life sciences industry veteran is joining the company as CEO, Sujay Jadhav. Sujay has spent the last decade focused on optimizing clinical trial processes and advancing clinical integrity in healthcare. 

“We are at an inflection point in digital health. We now have the opportunity to transform patient care and cure by extracting quality insights from unfiltered, real-world healthcare data. With our dedication to powering clinically true data, Verana Health is poised to affect real change by defining and delivering the highest standards of data integrity to power healthcare.”

– Sujay Jadhav, Verana Health CEO

Sujay joins Verana Health with more than 20 years of experience as a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, and global business leader. Most recently, Sujay was the Global Vice President, Health Sciences Business Unit at Oracle, where he ran the entire organization for product and engineering. Before Oracle, he was the CEO of cloud-based clinical research platform goBalto, where he oversaw the acquisition of the company by Oracle. Sujay is also a former executive for the life sciences technology company Model N, where he helped to oversee its transition to a public company.

Sujay’s deep understanding of healthcare technology and his work with public and private companies make him the ideal chief executive to lead Verana Health’s next  phase. Under Sujay’s leadership, Verana Health is well-positioned to advance clinical trial capabilities, data-as-a-service offerings, medical society partnerships, and data enrichment. I am excited to support Sujay as he takes the reins and drives the vision for Verana Health.

Verana Health’s Acting CEO and former General Counsel, Marc Berger, who has been a powerful force behind the company’s success, will transition to the newly created role of COO. In the past year Marc has advanced Verana Health’s end-to-end data and technology strategy while building trust with medical society partners and the providers who contribute EHR data. Behind the scenes, he is also responsible for creating a rich employee culture that has allowed people to grow and flourish in their roles at Verana Health. Marc’s continued leadership is integral to Verana Health’s success moving forward. 

In addition, I am pleased to share that I will be playing a more active role in the company as Executive Chairman. I look forward to bringing my experience as a practicing physician, leadership with medical societies, and decades of work in clinical trials and population research to Verana Health in support of Sujay’s vision for the company. 

I am pleased to be part of a remarkable company that is making a difference across healthcare. I am excited to work closely with Sujay as he drives Verana Health’s success and ultimately delivers on its transformative potential.

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