Get to Know Our Quantitative Sciences Team: The Brains Behind Our Data (Monica Gierada)


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Verana Health has a team of more than 30 quantitative scientists who work toward the goal of producing high-quality, data-driven insights that can help inform research and improve patient outcomes. 

In this blog series, we invite you to “Get to Know Our Quantitative Sciences Team: The Brains Behind Our Data.” Read more about Monica Gierada, director of Quantitative Sciences.

Q: How would you explain your role? 

A: I lead our Analytic Solutions group within the Quantitative Sciences team. In my role, I oversee functions responsible for providing analytic expertise on our Qdata® offerings, real-world evidence insights and clinical trials services projects, as well as delivery of Merit-based Incentive Payment System quality reporting.  

Q: What attracted you to the quantitative sciences field? 

A: During my undergraduate studies, I went the pre-medicine route because I loved classes like chemistry and physics. After taking animal physiology, I realized my interest and strengths were more on the quantitative side of science, rather than the biological side, making me a poor fit for medical school. I completed my Master of Public Health in epidemiology and applied biostatistics, which opened my eyes to careers that integrated problem solving and teamwork in an environment where understanding data, scientific methodology, and technical processes is critical. 

Q: What attracted you to Verana Health? 

A: Verana Health is an exciting place to work because the potential of the data we have access to is huge, but the company is in an early enough stage where we’re still discovering how to unlock its true potential. This provides an opportunity to work with and learn from intelligent people to help set up processes around and deliver on initiatives that will help our customers and partners answer questions using real-world data. This real-world data will ultimately help us understand which treatments work for certain patients. 

Q: What inspires you to do this work? 

A: My main inspiration comes from the tangible impact that actions can have on the business and ultimately on patients in the real world. On the day-to-day, this can range from helping someone complete a task to helping sign a deal. On a higher level, it may mean that a project I worked on helps lead to a decision that will help get the right treatment into the hands of patients. 

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

A: As someone who manages a somewhat large team, the most rewarding part of my job is making a positive difference for those who report to me, whether it’s celebrating their impactful work, helping them achieve the next level in their career, sharing valuable advice and feedback, or taking action that can help make their day run more smoothly. When you build positive relationships with team members, it makes working together towards a common goal more fun and rewarding.  

Q: What advancements do you see in your field in the next 5 years? 

A: Over the next five years, I see real-world data being used increasingly to make regulatory decisions and inform value-based contracting. I also see advancements in the machine learning and artificial intelligence space being able to influence how we generate meaningful insights from data sources, such as patient notes. 

In her free time, Monica enjoys hiking.

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