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This week CB Insights named Verana Health to the inaugural Digital Health 150 list, showcasing the 150 most promising private digital health companies in the world. CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal revealed the final Digital Health 150 during Future of Health, a gathering of top executives across some of the largest healthcare institutions, startups, and investment firms. The Digital Health 150 companies span the globe, from Canada, China, and Germany, to Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and are supported by more than 850 investors. Verana was listed in the real-world evidence category under drug research and development.

Real-world evidence, or evidence derived from the experiences of real patients in the real world, has the ability to solve some of the challenges inherent to clinical development to accelerate research and enhance patient care. Clinical research to develop new therapies and examine clinical patterns are expensive and time consuming, dependent on identifying and working with select patient populations over long periods of time. Clinical data sources, including electronic health records, claims data, or medical images, already contain large amounts of longitudinal information that clinical studies struggle to gather. In addition, trials focus on carefully selected populations that differ from populations seen by doctors in the clinic, and are subject to protocols that often do not accurately reflect treatment practices in the real world. Rich real world data reservoirs can provide insight on the real-world patient population, and can be used to create retrospective patient cohorts for medical research applications including clinical trials, surveillance studies, and label expansion studies.

Through our partnerships with medical associations, Verana is able to leverage data from clinical data registries to generate real-world insights into patient care and outcomes. Policy changes incentivizing physician adoption of electronic health records and advances in interoperability have enabled greater aggregation of data, and medical associations have begun building qualified clinical data registries to help physicians advance patient care and streamline federal quality reporting. These associations are critical leaders driving clinical care and advocacy within their therapeutic areas, and are able to lend their clinical expertise and understanding of the regulatory environment to Verana’s work to ensure our products and research insights are clinically sound and have the greatest possible impact on patients and physicians who care for them.  

Through a combination of clinical expertise and support, advanced analytics, technical expertise, and vast quantities of clinical data, Verana is able to generate real-world evidence to accelerate research and bring the best treatments and care to patients as quickly as possible. We look forward to continuing to empower physicians, life science companies, and patients as we grow our data capabilities and solutions and transform evidence generation in medicine.

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